I stink. I sweat and bled into my armpits and now I stink and everyone knows. I’m wearing my running jacket which stinks and everyone knows it stinks because the salt line around my arm holes. They know I stink and they should stay away because I stink and I know it and they know it. And she knows it – the prettiest girl I’ve ever sat next to on an airplane before and she knows I stink. And I know she knows I stink so I am keeping my god damn mouth shut.

I’m naked, too. I’m naked and I stink on this airplane next to this very pretty girl who knows I stink and sees all of my piss-poor flabby mess that had a biscotti a few hours ago but nothing since that.

I can’t tell who’s watching me but I know they know I stink. But I’m blind and naked but at least I stink so I’ve got that going for me.

I was supposed to wear my nice jacket but it didn’t come back from the cleaner in time so now I’m naked and I stink on this airplane and this pretty girl who’s going to kill me better not say anything because I’m deaf and blind and keeping my god damn mouth shut.

I stink and now I’m here. I wish I were blind because I hate the way the pretty girl looked at me on the airplane even though she knows I stink. She’s killed me and now I’m naked and dead and I stink.

I showered and changed and I stink. And now I’m at this wedding of these two people who don’t stink and who aren’t blind and aren’t dead and aren’t naked and I stink.

And my brother doesn’t stink and my mom and dad don’t stink but I do. I had an uncle who stunk but he’s dead now. And the guys and girls here don’t stink but they are going to kill me and I wish I were blind and not naked and dead.

And I changed but I wish I had my running jacket again that stinks with the salt on the arm holes because the girls keep trying to kill me and don’t they know I stink. And I wish I were blind so I couldn’t see the guys that should know by now I stink.