harvard square

i picked an inconspicous adirondack seat facing the center mass in harvard square. From here I could watch everyone unfold. Weather was sunny, report said 40s but I had to disagree. I knew 40s meant 30s, but I rode my bike so that meant 40s again. But the sun was out – plus five degrees but it was windy – minus five. So i sat in the square, sunglasses on, sunglasses off, jacket zipped, jacket unzipped, comfortable and uncomfortable in the wooden-plastic adirondack chair. Here i watched the rest of the world unfold just as confused as me. I saw several runners – somehow both faster than me and slower and bikers too – same idea. Students smarter and more successful but still more hopeless at this prestigious school.

Oops. eyes were closed. I opened and saw center mass in harvard square. Jackets half-zipped, glasses half-on, just as confused,lost,hopeless,excited,anxious,confused,melancholic,manic,busy,indolent (those fuckers!), wondering how 40 degrees really felt.